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600ml Linoflex® vieno komponento poliuretaninis siūlių užpildas

Prekės kodas: 1836

Turimas kiekis: Sandėlyje (pristatymas 2-3 d.d.)


Product description
Linoflex® 40 is a single component polyurethane based elastomeric sealant which cures under the effect of atmospheric humidity to form a flexible and resistant joint with very good adhesion on most materials.

Technical description

Appearance Pasty
Colour Grey
Density at 20 °C 1.16 ± 0.05
Conventional solids content (EN 827) > 93 %
Sagging (ISO 7390) None
Application temperature + 5 to 35 °C
Skin formation time at 23 °C and 50 % HR 90 to 135 min
Curing time at 23 °C and 50 % HR 3 mm/24 h
Final Shore A hardness (ISO 868 – 3 sec.) Ca 40
Modulus at 100 % (ISO 8339) Ca 58 psi (0.4 MPa)
Elongation at break (ISO 8339) > 600 %
Temperature resistance -30 to +80 °C
Resistance to diluted acids and bases Average
UV resistance Good
Water and salt spray resistance Excellent
Compatibility with water based paints Yes
Compatibility with solvent based paints Test must be carried out

Not classified as hazardous.

600 ml will be enough for approx 15 m joint, based on width of 4 mm and 10 mm depth.

Tools should be cleaned with acetone before the sealant has completely cured. After curing, abrasion is necessary.

Packaging and storage
600 ml sausages, 20 pcs per box and 720 pcs per pallet. 12 months in the original, hermetically sealed cartridges in +5 - 25 °C.

Laying instruction
1. The surface must be clean, dry, free of dust, oil, grease and any contaminants that could harm bonding. If the substrates need to be cleaned use acetone.
2. Apply Linoprimer for better bounding.
3. Linoflex® 40 can be applied with a manual or pneumatic gun.
4. After application, use a putty knife with soapy water to smooth the joint.
5. Linoflex® 40 should be used within 24 hours of opening the cartridge protection. (otherwise, the sealant could harden in the cartridge).
6. Do not apply at a temperature under + 5 °C. In cold weather, store the Linoflex® at 20 °C before use.
7. Avoid any contact with non-cured Linoflex®.

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