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250 m. Lindec® Joint Strip guminė tarpinė plačioms siūlėms

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Lindec® Joint Strip (For wider joints)

AB Lindec® joint strip for concrete floor joints, 50 m per roll.

Article Joint width Diamond disk cut
Upon order 13 mm 11 mm
Upon order 15,5 mm 12 mm

AB Lindec® joint strip provides the following solution:

  • This bigger joint strip is suitable for joints over 10 mm width.
  • Basically all width´s can be produced 10 – 20 mm width.
  • The joint strip provides a quick and good protection to the joint.
  • The joint strip have air pocket to ensure that the strip does not drop down into the joint.
  • The joint strip can later on, serve as a bottom strip when filling the joint after 3-6 months.
  • The joint strip is easy and quick to apply.

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