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1kg Linoprimer poliuretaninis gruntas siūlėms

Prekės kodas: 1835

Turimas kiekis: Sandėlyje (pristatymas 2-3 d.d.)


Product description
Linoprimer is a 1-component, colorless polyurethane primer that hardens with moisture in the air. Linoprimer penetrates into the concrete and form the basis of a better adhesion in combination with Lindec’s joints filling and cracks repair system. Linoprimer can also be used as coating protection against certain chemicals, acids, alkalis and oils.

The drying time is about 3 hours at 23 °C and 50% relative humidity and can be painted over after about 3-5 hours.

Consumption concrete joints
(based on 4 mm in width and 20 mm deep)
Approx 250 meters length (1 liter).

Consumption concrete pavements

Approx 5 - 8 m2 per liter per coat.

Technical specification

Density 1000 kg/m3
Volume dryness 35%
Color Transparent
Appearance Shiny
Cleaning Thinner
Penetration depth (K50) approx 1.5 mm

Laying instruction for joints
The joints shall be thoroughly vacuumed cleaned.
Possibly taped joint edge for better aesthetic appearance.
Prime with a small brush that fits in groove/joint.
Let dry 3-5 hours before applying joint filler.

Laying instruction for pavement
All loose concrete shell removed.
All possible soft cement top layer must be blasted or grinded off.
Vacuum clean thoroughly.
Apply with a type “Biber” roller 1-2 times.

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