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Cracktec epoksidinis užpildas betono įtrūkimų remontui

Prekės kodas: 1832

Turimas kiekis: Sandėlyje (pristatymas 2-3 d.d.)


Product description

Cracktec is a very low viscous grouting resin based on epoxy, which contains no solvents. Cracktec has on crack injection, a very good adhesion even to damp concrete. This makes it possible to inject in a damp environment. Adhesion in humid conditions is equal to the tensile strength of concrete C30/37. The low viscosity makes possible deep penetration of cracks.


Grouting of cracks and for so called ”poppings” in cement-based coatings.

Technical data

Density 1200 kg/m3
Viscosity 0.15pa-s
Compressive strength 95 Mpa
Tensile strength 60 Mpa
Lowest hardening temperature + 5 - 10 °C
Colour Transparent
Tool cleaning Acetone

Injecting cracks in concrete floors to be coated with the new cement-based coatings

1. Cut the crack about 1/3 of slab thickness or down to the first layer of reinforcement.
2. Blow clean the joint with compressed air and vacuum thoroughly.
3. PS! Cracktec tubes shall be shaken properly for min. 30 seconds before use.
4. Keep the tubes with the top up, unscrew the lid and screw on mixtube.
5. Put the tubes into the cartridge pistol, hold gun and tubes of mixtube up and push the air out of the tubes.
6. Check that the homogenous mixture comes out otherwise press out more materials until the mixture is homogeneous. If the mixture does not become homogeneous, shake the tubes better before use.
7. Fill with Cracktec, let the material fall away.
8. Fill with a thin layer of filler.
9. Repeat steps 7 and 8 until the joint is full, ending with filler.
10. Scrape off excess and top with filler.
11. Allow to harden approximately 5-8 hours at 14-18 °C than grind.


Mixtuben does not work when the material temperature is below + 5°C, and the material viscosity increases at lower temperatures.
(Keep the tubes warm before use)

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