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25kg Lindec® Stain Wash impregnantas apsaugai nuo dėmių

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Lindec® Stain Wash

Protection against stains on concrete floors

All concrete floors need to be impregnated to achieve a resistant and easy to clean surface.

For hardening, densifying and sealing we have the Lithurin range of products HARD, DENS and SEAL.
For more information: Visit www.lindec.com.

Extend the protection against stains on treated concrete surfaces with STAIN WASH.
Concrete is an absorbent material, after impregnated, the surface becomes less absorbent. Depending on the type of impregnation and concrete quality performed varies protection.
STAIN WASH rejects fluid and sparkles on the surface and increases protection against discoloration of spilled liquids. Depending on the type of usage area floor, the protection decreases over time. But can be easily treated again on the surfaces used most.

Use Concrete soap for daily cleaning. Be sure not to use acidic or basic cleansers – they will affect that concrete surface.

Laying instruction

The concrete surface should be clean and free from pollution. The lowest temperature for application of STAIN WASH is +5°C.

Instructions for STAIN WASH

1. Apply with low pressure spray or Lindec® LCLA applicator.
2. Work the material into the surface with scrubber-machine and LC ider Pad 1000 until surface are saturated.
3. Remove excess material with scrubber-dryer machine before StainWash dries.
4. Make sure to remove all the excess material that the floor does not absorb.
5. Allow to dry.
6. In order to apply the concrete surface with the right amount of material, the instructions above must be followed.
7. Under certain conditions, eg, low temperatures, strong winds, etc., the absorption time is longer and at higher temperatures the absorption time is shorter.

After polishing

When the material has dried:

- Dry buff with fine scouring nylon type LC Rider Pad 1500/3000 Alternatively

- Scrub the surface with scouring nylon type LC Rider Pad 1500/3000 and Concrete Soap


Machine troweled surface: approx. 0,10-0,15 liter/m2. In certain circumstances, such as low temperatures, the absorption time will be longer and in higher temperatures it will be shorter

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