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25kg Lindec® Lime Wash - Kalkių nuosėdų valiklis

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Lindec® Lime Wash

Lime Wash eliminates lime deposits

When new concrete gets moist, the water will penetrate into the pores and dissolve the lime (calcium hydroxide). The lime will rise to the surface and react with carbon dioxide in the air. The water evaporates and the lime is left and sticks to the surface. This is how lime deposits appear.

Lime deposits are not a sign of inferior or damaged concrete. The deposits can be removed from a smooth concrete surface using LIME WASH. LIME WASH induces a certain etching of the surface. It can therefore be necessary to clean the entire concrete surface to achieve a uniform appearance. Lime deposits usually disappear but it can take time. After treatment the surface is completely open and needs to be impregnated with STAIN WASH/Lithurin® in order to not absorb pollutants.

Lime Wash cleanses concrete surfaces

LIME WASH dissolves dirt and pollutants from the concrete surface at the same time that it etches away any cement film. After treatment the surface is completely open and needs to be impregnated in order to not absorb pollutants.

Lime Wash instead of grinding old floors prior to treatment with Lithurin®

LIME WASH can be used on old floors, instead of grinding, as a pretreatment prior to Lithurin® treatment. After treatment the surface needs to be impregnated directly with Lithurin® in order to not absorb pollutants.

Laying instruction

LIME WASH must never dry on the surface.

The concrete surface must be swept carefully or vacuum cleaned. The lowest temperature for application of LIME WASH is +5°C.


Distribute LIME WASH with a scrubber dryer machine using black scouring pad. (Suction function switched off.) When the tank is empty, fill with water. Switch on the suction function, scrub and suck up the excess material on the same area before the surface dries. Continue with the same procedure over the entire surface.
LIME WASH should not be diluted with water.


LIME WASH: Machine trowelled surface: approx.. 0,15 liter/m2. Non-machine trowelled surface: approx. 0,2-0,4 liter/m2.
In certain circumstances, such as low temperatures, the absorption time will be longer and in higher temperatures it will be shorter.

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