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25kg Herkulit® Top 100 barstomas betono kietiklis (pilkas)

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Herkulit® Top

Išeiga 4-5kg./m2

Herkulit® Top is a ready-mixed dry shake hardener to be applied on freshly laid, damp concrete surfaces. Herkulit® is made of pure, specially granulated quartz, Dynagrip and a special cement based on Portland cement.

• Herkulit® Top 100 for concrete slabs with wcr 0,57-0,60

The recommendations above diminish the risk of surface cracks and lime deposits.

Recommended minimum concrete quality in relation to slump:
Slump < 150 mm concrete quality C28/35
Slump > 150mm concrete quality C30/37

Herkulit® Top absorbs moisture considerably faster than competing products, which facilitates and ensures a better final result.

Why chose Herkulit® dry shake hardener?

• Herkulit® Top is classified as very heavy duty concrete according to EU 206-1.
• Herkulit® Top is self-polishing – the more wear, the better finish.
• Herkulit® Top (light colors) reflects light.
• Herkulit® Top does not attract marks from forklift wheels.
• Herkulit® Top replaces epoxy and polyurethane paint and has better wear resistance.
• Herkulit® Top is applied on freshly laid damp concrete.
• Herkulit® Top contains no metal aggregate and therefore does not rust.
• Herkulit® Top resists grease, some solvents and low alkaline solutions.
• Herkulit® Top is non-slip and easy to maintain

The hardest attack on concrete comes from abrasion due to wear and tear from cars, machines, forklifts and pedestrians. Independent test results show that Herkulit® Top increases wear resistance up to 20 times. See table below according to British Standard (EN/BS 13892-4:2002 and EN/BS 8204-2:2003).

Product Compressive strength Tensile strength Abrasion in mm
after 2800 rev (max abrasion)
Herkulit® Top 100 85 N/mm2 8,3 N/mm2 AR 0,5 (0,01 mm)
Herkulit® Top 200 90 N/mm2 8,5 N/mm2 AR 0,5 (0,00 mm)
Herkulit® Top 300 96 N/mm2 9,1 N/mm2 AR 0,5 (0,00 mm)

Laying instructions Herkulit® Top
See separate laying instruction

Aesthetic treatments
LC Rider PAD 120-800 Gritt and Lithurin®
See separate laying instruction

Extended stain protection
LC Rider PAD 1000 Gritt and Stainwash
See separate laying instruction

Suitable for floors in

• Production and warehouse facilities
• Distribution and logistics centers
• Shops and shopping malls
• Airports, train and bus terminals
• Workshops
• Garages and parking areas


20 000 000 m2 of Herkulit® concrete floors have been laid over the past 50 years in more than 30 countries. Companies who have had the confidence in our products are among others Volvo, IKEA, SAAB and Coca Cola.

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